NeuroplayPro API reference 1.2.6

1. Intro

NeuroplayPro software works as a server and is available for HTTP requests and WebSockets connection.

This page provides live data requests - press Run near each command.

HTTP interaction parts are marked with blue outlines.
NeuroplayPro is available across you local network.
In this example it will be referred as a server on ""

WebSockets interaction parts are marked with green outlines.
The server works in two modes:
- JSON (e.g. "{'command':'meditation'}")
- simple text (e.g. "meditation") which corresponds to HTTP commands

All commands are case insensitive (e.g. "RAWDATA", "rawData", "RawData").

NeuroplayPro server's output will be in JSON format, which will always have "result" and "time", where "result" will be true if the command was performed successfully.
{ "result": true, "time": "2020-10-25 10:20:30" }

2. Device

Data frequency depends on the number of selected channels. For devices with higher amount of supported channels it is possible to select less channels for greater data frequency.

Channels Frequency Names
8 channels 125 Hz O1, P3, C3, F3, F4, C4, P4, O2
6 channels 125 Hz O1, T3, F3, F4, T4, O2
4 channels 125 Hz O1, F3, F4, O2
2 channels 500 Hz O1, O2
1 channel 1000 Hz O1

StartSearch StopSearch ListDevices DeviceCount DeviceInfo StartDevice StopDevice CurrentDeviceInfo

MakeFavorite GetFavoriteDeviceName

3. Data

All data comes channel-wise. To get channel names use the "CurrentDeviceInfo" command.

Storage time and 'Data grab mode'

Data samples are stored for 'StorageTime' seconds, 10 seconds by default. 'Grab...' commands get data and clear the queue, so the next time it is called - it returns only newly added samples. Some commands (e.g. "RawData and '...History') require enabled 'Data Grab Mode' in which the software stores data for several seconds. By default this feature is off for memory/processor optimisations.

EnableDataGrabMode DisableDataGrabMode SetDataStorageTime GetDataStorageTime


Original data from the device is processing by several filters: If a filter value is "0" - it is turned off.

GetFilters SetDefaultFilters SetLPF SetHPF SetBSF

Data samples

FilteredData GrabFilteredData RawData GrabRawData


Spectrum depends on current data frequency and window size. To obtain spectrum frequencies use "SpectrumFrequencies" command, for the actual valus use "spectrum" command. Spectrum SpectrumFrequencies


By default the software calculated standard rhythms (alpha, beta, delta, gamma, theta) and outputs their respective percentage (of overall spectrum) values. Rhythms RhythmsHistory


The software starts recording filtered data to EDF and other data (rhythms, meditation/concentration) to NPD file (stands for "NeuroPlayData", really just a "CSV") StartRecord StopRecord

4. BCI: meditation, concentration, mental states

Standard BCI modes in NeuroplayPro are:


Percentage of how much the user is relaxed, meditated (high alpha) Meditation MeditationHistory


Percentage of how much the user is focused Concentration ConcentrationHistory

Mental states

Discrete brain state recognition (states are recorded for every user and every session separately) MentalState MentalStateHistory RecordMentalState RemoveMentalStateRecord StartMentalStates StopMentalStates



5. Miscellaneous

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