Using NeuroPlay, you can easily learn to be in a state of relaxation and mental silence. The device will notify you in time when the emotional background is restless and using biological feedback will allow you to monitor and train your functional state (relaxation and tranquility). For greater efficiency, you must use headphones to listen to meditative music on your own.  If your state becomes not stable or deviates from the set parameters, the music will gradually fade out or become noisy with a special signal.

The methods recommended by us:

1. Method of smooth and equal breath.
Concentration of attention on a smooth breath and an exhalation. Deduction of this state during some time.

2. The method of distributed attention.
The distribution of attention throughout the body. Feeling the body as a whole, not as separate parts. Holding this state is a comfortable time.

3. Imaging technique.
Visualization of being on the beach, on the warm sand or hot tub (the most comfortable place specifically for you), in which the body is smoothly heated and calms down. It is necessary to learn to relax in a way that no external irritants prevented comfortable listening of music.

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