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Where and how NeuroPlay can be used?

Electroencephalogramm (EEG) — is a recording of electrical activity of brain. Different part of the brain specialize on different tasks, e.g. frontal cortex is responsible for cognitive and memory processes, parietal for sound processing. The more neurons currently work — the more electrical activity they create.

Despite the fact that the signal is blurred by brain’s covers and skull there are stable working patterns which could be used to judge on the current specific brain activity. E.g. the frontal cortex produces more signals within 14-30 Hz range while the brain’s owner is concentating on conginitive tasks. This particular brain rhythm is called the "beta-rhythm". In the occipital (rear) lobes which specialize on visual processing one can produce "alpha-rhythm" — a high amplitude brain rhythm in 8-14 Hz range. Specifically, while closing one’s eyes or relaxing.

The NeuroPlaydevices are encephalographers, that allow to acquire medical grade EEG through Bluetooth. The software calculates the following parameters of brain activity:

  • Rhythms — percentage ratio of different rhythms (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, theta) on each channel
  • "Meditation" and "concentration" — normalized meta-indexes (0-100%), that show how much the user is relaxed or mentally loaded at the moment
  • Mental states — steady mental patterns that can be generated by users on their free will. This technique requires a bit of training. A begginer can produce 2-3 states after 30 minutes. For a more stable and robust experience one must continuously train (something like "brain-yoga").

What is NeuroPlay and why do you need it?

Brain activity measurement
Observe your relaxation and concentration
Nobody knows for sure how does the brain work. But measuring it’s activity is possible.

Analyze your relaxation and concentration metrics during the day. Learn how to transfer faster to a needed mental state.
Brain-machine interface
Control with your "thought" virtual or real-life objects, e.g. games, copters, motorized wheelchairs.

We have created — the special portal with neurogames and cognitive tests
Biological feedback
BF-training is a non-pharmacological treatment that uses special devices to register, amplify and give back to the patient physiological response information. Use NeuroPlay to work with your brain rhythms
Optimize and enforce your brain
The brain is a very effective and agile instrument. It can be trained to work even better. Also you can learn a little more on how does your particular brain operates.

Train yourself to be in the expected mental state only in everyday life or critical situations

What else about the brain?

About brain rhythms Very verbose on neuro bio control


Web portal with neurofeedback games and congitive tests, e.g.:

  • Make flowers bloom by your mental commands
  • Protect the planet from falling asteroids with your alpha rhythm
  • Unmistakably determine that words blue, red or green are written with the same color

Training history is stored in your personal account



Cloud-based professional platform for cognitive psychophysiological multimodal testing



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The whole products spectrum

Apps and downloads

  • Spectrum, rhythms, meditation and concentration indexes
  • Mental state recognition
  • Integration with
  • EDF recording and viewing
  • Custom rhythms and settings
  • API for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS
  • Spectrum, rhythms, meditation and concentration indexes
  • Mental state recognition
  • Integration with
  • EDF recording and viewing
  • Custom rhythms and settings
  • API for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS

Видеоурок по работе устройства и программного обеспечения

Разработчикам и нейрохакерам-энтузиастам

NeuroPlayPro API

/* Подробное описание всех функций и возможностей для кросс-платформенного приложения NeuroPlayPro по протоколам HTTP/WebSocket.

В формате онлайн-граббера на JavaScript */
NeuroPlayPro SDK

/* Набор разработчика c готовыми классами для общения с ПО NeuroPlay/NeuroPlayPro посредством HTTP/WebSocket для JavaScript, Python, C++ (Qt), C# */
Нейроуправление Lego EV3

/* Утилита для связи Lego EV3 c ПО NeuroPlayPro */

Видео Инструкция
JS EDF Reader/Viewer

/* Чтение и отображение файлов EDF (ЭЭГ и прочие данные) средствами JavaScript в браузере */

Bluetooth Datasheet
/* Описание взаимодействия с приборами NeuroPlay по протоколу Bluetooth для получения сырых данных */

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